Attention to Detail - Clete's Taxidermy Studio

Attention to Detail

I will work patiently and meticulously to recapture the true essence of your trophy.  Even the smallest details such as the inner-nostrils and eye rotation will not be overlooked.  Much pride is taken in anatomical accuracy and in making your trophy look as realistic and lifelike as possible.  The age of the animal,  the time of year it was taken,  and the location of your hunt are all able to be portrayed in the finished piece. Artistic composition ties it all together making a unique piece that you will be proud to display.

All skins are professionally tanned to ensure the best possible outcome for your trophy.   All of the latest techniques and technology are used in every mount.  Whether you have a design in mind or you are looking for suggestions, each piece will be designed to fit your needs. 

  • kodiak bear form
  • Wyoming Mule deer
  • early archery
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