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How to Ship Your Trophy:

If you can't physically take your trophy to taxidermist, shipping it is an option.

1. Use the proper field care and freezing techniques for your trophy.

2. After the specimen is completely frozen, pack it in dry ice and ship it via overnight or priority mail.

3. For larger sized animals when freezing is not an option, skin and flesh the hide.  Turn the lips, ears, remove ALL red meat, and then salt the hide.  The next day scrape off old salt and apply new.  Ship it to your taxidermist via overnight or priority mail.

Proper Freezing Tecniques:

If you can't get your trophy to a taxidermist promptly

Fish - Freeze whole, double *SARAN* wrap, then wrap in plastic bag.  Lay out flat with the best side up.  Protect the fish and fins.

Birds - Freeze whole, double wrap, lay out flat.  Protect the wings and tail.

Small mammals - Freeze whole, double wrap, lay out flat.

Medium mammals - Freeze whole, double wrap, lay out flat.

Large mammals - Remove carcass from the skin. Leave head, feet, and tail in the skin if you don't know how to skin properly.  Let the feet out and roll up the skin to the head, fold feet on top of the rolled skin.  Freeze, double wrap. It is important to leave the head and feet ontop of the rolled up skin to aid in quicker thawing.

Trophies will deteriorate in a freezer so don't forget about them.  Get them to your taxidermist ASAP.  The better you care for your trophy, the better the taxidermist can do your mount!

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